Impaired Driving

This summer please plan ahead if you plan on drinking. // On average, 42 people are killed each summer in crashes involving impaired driving in B.C. If you’re out drinking, don’t get behind the wheel – choose a safe way home instead. // Keep your friends safe Take your turn as the designated driver to help… Read More Impaired Driving

Distracted Driving

Are distracted driving laws in B.C. tough enough? Government is considering raising penalties for distracted driving and is now asking British Columbians to offer their input with the launch of a four-week consultation that runs today through July 16, 2015. A new website – – will collect comments as British Columbians consider whether B.C.’s… Read More Distracted Driving

May is High Risk Driving Enforcement Month 2015

High-risk driving define by the police is speeding, following too closely, ignoring traffic control device, failing to yield and improper passing. We’re hoping you can help us raise awareness about high-risk driving behaviours, especially failing to yield. Be aware of your surroundings. For more information, please visit the ICBC website.

Chinese Community Policing Centre’s Victim Service Program

April 19th to April 25th is National Victims of Crime Awareness Week and the purpose is to raise awareness about the issues that victims of crime face and about the programs, services and laws that are in place to help them and their families. The CCPC’s Victim Service Program assists Chinese speaking victims of crime… Read More Chinese Community Policing Centre’s Victim Service Program

April is Auto Crime Enforcement and Awareness Month

April is Auto Crime Enforcement and Awareness Month in B.C. We’re supporting the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (IMPACT) and the B.C. government on highlighting this important issue. For a decade there have been significant decreases in auto crime in B.C. due to increased public awareness, police enforcement including the Bait Car program and… Read More April is Auto Crime Enforcement and Awareness Month