Project Synergy is Back 2016

This project launched in the summer of 2013 where foot patrol, bike patrol and speed watch all happening at once. Each time this project happens we invite other community partners to help us out. We thank our volunteers for making it happen.

Project Synergy LaunchProject Synergy Launch during Summer of 2013

10373613_659355160780794_1895199569554122006_nUltimate Project Synergy on May 2014 partnering up with the Vancouver Police Department.

This video should shows you what we did for the day.


Ultimate Project Synergy on June 2014 partnering up with the Vancouver Police Department.


Most recent Project Synergy on March 8th, 2016 we included volunteers from Grandview- Woodland Community Policing Centre.

Once again we thank all our community partners and volunteers for all their support.

We look forward to doing more of these projects in the near future. Our next one will be on Saturday April 2nd, 2016 partnering up with ICBC and other Community Policing Centre near by.


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