Vancouver Police Museum Guided Tour

We had the privilege of going to the Vancouver Police Museum today, located at 240 E. Cordova St. As soon as we entered in, we felt the historic nature of the museum as long display cases lined the rustic corridors of the old building. We were greeted by a warm smile at the front desk by our friendly tour guide Yuka, who guided us through the twists and turns of the museum.

We started out with a tour of the old morgue, where the remains of human bodies were stored. Connected to the morgue was the autopsy room, where the dissection of over 20,000 bodies were conducted. An incinerator could be seen near the operating table where the organs of dead corpses were burned. Yuka led us back to the morgue where rows of exhibits on interesting yet gruesome murder cases such as the Milkshake murder was displayed. Yuka carefully explained a select group of cases in great detail, painting a vivid image of the crime scene into our minds.

An eerie and musty smell lingered in the air as we exited the morgue area into a room displaying illegal weapons, counterfeit currency and drugs.  After an explanation and a chance to closely examine the various display cases, we found ourselves in the largest room of the museum with multiple exhibits demonstrating the capabilities of the Emergency Response Team (ERT), the history of female police officers as well as a wall hung with the fallen officers of the VPD. A large case filled with police costumes allowed us to dress up and take memorable photos at the museum. Yuka concluded the tour at this as we said our goodbyes and took one more look at the exhibits around the museum.

We would like to thank the Vancouver Police Museum and our tour guide Yuka for allowing us to explore and discover the rich history of the VPD. We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone interested with policing, safety and learning about the exciting history of the VPD in Vancouver.


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