Vancouver Police Marine Unit Tour

With clear blue skies overhead, we entered the VPD marine squad unit located on 209 E waterfront road. After being greeted by our two lovely officers, we were brought into a room where they showed us informational, hilarious yet meaningful videos on the projector screen. At the end of each video, they gave us time to ask questions in order for us to understand their jobs a little more. We were then escorted into a room filled with water gear and given special lightweight lifejackets to wear. The boat that we climbed in was large with two stories- we all chose to sit on the top deck as the weather was beautiful. The ride around the local waters was a bliss, the officers went through their routine routes and also took us to many scenic sites including breathtaking views of downtown Vancouver, Kit’s beach, UBC and Granville Island. The tour was exciting yet eye opening at the same time as were able to learn a lot about the marine squad and their work through this hands on experience. Shout out to @VPDMarineUnit for organizing the tour!

gp photo selfie

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