CO-OP Students

We are pleased to announce that we have hired two UBC CO-OP students for the summer of 2015 thanks to funding from Canada Summer Jobs.

Please read below for their bios!

Hi everyone!

My name is Andrew and I am one of the two new co-op students working at the CCPC! I am a UBC Political Science major and hopefully minoring in Economics (I’m terrible at numbers…). It has been a   rollercoaster the past few weeks as I get use to the work environment at the office. Every day is unpredictable. From going on patrols, drafting up events, handing out maps and even playing soccer, our tasks are all unique in their own way. Sometimes I feel a bit lost, but thanks to our awesome group of coordinators and supervisors I’m always up and excited for a new day of work. The best thing to happen on the job so far was Park Safety day, where we were able to interact with the neighbouring communities. The day was filled with fun activities, an obstacle course and sunshine! Although I did pull my back guiding the children through the obstacle course, I had a lot of fun meeting new people and enjoying the day with fellow volunteers and supervisors at McLean Park. I am hoping I continue to have the courage and motivation to challenge the upcoming tasks my coordinators decide to throw my way. ^^


My name is Yvonne, another Co-op student working in Chinese CPC for the summer. As an Economics major at UBC, working as a co-op student at Chinese CPC may not seem to be relevant to my studies. However, I applied to this co-op position at Chinese CPC because I wanted to pursue my career as an investigator at Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in Hong Kong. I wanted to gain some insights into crime-related workplaces by working at Chinese CPC. Being a Co-op student at Chinese CPC is much more outdoor oriented than the typical co-op position. My Co-op partner and I patrol and offer tourist assistance on a daily basis. I’m a shy person and if not working at Chinese CPC, I would not have approached 70 tourists with my partner in one day! My Co-op work term has changed my perspective on Chinatown. My father once worked in Chinatown HSBC and after visiting my father at work, I always had a negative and dirty image of Chinatown in my mind. Now, I’m offered an opportunity to work in Chinatown and I can explore the dynamics of the city. Chinatown is gradually improving with the new restaurants and modernized apartments. I can see that Vancouver Chinatown is going to be another successful neighborhood with the combination of traditional Chinese architecture and contemporary Western culture.

– Yvonne