Domestic Violence Resources

Domestic Violence may occur in any relationship at any age.

Here are some general knowledge you may want to know.

What is Domestic Violence?
Domestic violence is any form of violent and/or abusive behaviour that happens during a relationship or after a relationship ends.

What are the different types of Domestic Violence?
Physical Abuse:

  • Physical contact between 2 or more people with a result of unwanted harm to one another.
  • Example: Assault

Psychological Abuse:

  • This involves controlling what the victim can and cannot do.
  • Example: Threatening an individual

Economic Abuse:

  • This involves one controls excessively the others financials.
  • Example: One gives the other minimal allowance.

Sexual Abuse:

  • This involves force or threatens to participate in unwanted sexual activity.
  • Ex: rape

    If any of this happen to you or anyone you know, please call for help. In the incident is occurring at the time call your local police.

    For more resources and information, feel free to stop by our centre for some brochures and booklets.