Vancouver Police Department VS Hong Kong Police Department

One of the major differences between Hong Kong Police and Vancouver Police is Vancouver Police ONLY handle criminal matters but Hong Kong Police handle both criminal and civil matters.

In Hong Kong, you may report a case in person at any police station. In Canada, you must dial 9-1-1 or non-emergency, with only a few types of cases you may report in person, including:

  • theft from auto
  • theft of goods valued under $5000
  • found or lost property
  • mischief to property valued under $5000
  • incident reports with no suspect
  • stolen/lost passports or anything immigration related

The locations of the Vancouver police station are:

  • 2120 Cambie Street
  • 3585 Graveley Street

Some examples of instances to call non-emergency and NOT 9-1-1 include:

  • reporting a crime with no suspect (e.g. theft of license plate)
  • reporting a non-emergency crime with suspect, but suspect is not on the scene (e.g. fraud)
  • reporting a serious crime with suspect, but with a lengthy delay (e.g. assault that occurred last night at a bar)
  • non-emergency incidents in-progress (e.g. noisy party, barking dog)
  • ongoing crime issues, not in-progress (e.g. graffiti problems, or ongoing drug dealing with the suspect not on the scene)
  • a suspicious circumstance that may indicate an on-going criminal activity (e.g. marijuana grow operation)

Unlike Vancouver, Hong Kong does not differentiate between emergency and non-emergency reporting as distinctly. Although in Hong Kong they have E-Reports for non-emergency incidents. For more details please visit

It is also important to note that in Hong Kong, citizens may file a report about a crime they fear or believe will happen in the future. This is to prevent the crime from happening, or when it does happen, police can gather background information quickly and speed up the investigation process. However, in Vancouver, citizens may NOT file a report about a crime that has not yet happened. You may only file a report if the criminal activity is in progress or has already happened.

In Vancouver you call 911 only for emergencies where an immediate response is required – such as lives are in danger or there is a crime in progress.

In Hong Kong you call 999 for emergencies with immediate response.

Most calls to 911 ARE NOT of an emergency nature and an immediate response IS NOT required. In this case, call non-emergency at (604) 717-3321

Please note all non-emergency crimes that happen outside of Vancouver must be reported to the appropriate police agency for that jurisdiction. However, the number for emergency (9-1-1) is the same across all jurisdictions.

For more information in regards to the Vancouver Police Force please visit