Distraction Enforcement Campaign

Did you know February is the month for distracted driving awareness?

Distracted driving remains the third leading cause of fatal car crashes in B.C., behind speed and impaired driving. On average, 91 people are killed each year in B.C. due to driver distractions, such as using a hand-held electronic device behind the wheel.

We can all do our part to help make B.C. roads safer by leaving our phones alone when behind the wheel.

Key tips from ICBC for safe mobile phone use:

  1. Check the facts. “Can I text at a stoplight?” “Is using the speakerphone safe?” Review the list of common misconceptions (PDF) about distracted driving to make sure you understand what’s legal and safe.

2. Place calls before you drive. Make any important calls before leaving the parking lot, office or home. Otherwise, wait until you get to your destination.

3. Set a reminder. Download free ringtones at icbc.com/drivesmart to remind yourself to leave the phone alone when you’re driving.

4. Pull over to make or receive a call. If you must make or receive a call while in your car, pull over to the side of the road once it is safe. Make sure you’re safely off to the side so you’re not posing a danger to other vehicles.

5. Take a message. Let your phone pick up your calls and text messages. It’s easy and much safer to retrieve your messages at a later time.

6. Ask your passengers. If there are passengers in the vehicle, let them make and receive calls and texts for you.

7. Plan to avoid distraction. Turn your mobile phone off or place it in the trunk of your car so you won’t be tempted to talk, email or text when you’re on the road.

Satellite1For more information please visit www.icbc.com/road-safety/safety-campaigns