Meter Parking Tips

20140108_142234_2_bestshotHave you ever found yourself unable to put coins down a city parking meter and you didn’t know why?

Sometimes, the coin slots on the meter are obstructed by materials such as cardboard bits or metal pieces, so that other individuals can profit from you.  How?  If you attempt to force the coins in, they don’t go down far enough for the meter to register the payment, and the crooks who “plugged” the coin slots in the first place will come by later to fish the coins out with a wire.

In this case, not paying for meter parking or just leaving a note stating this meter is broken would still get you a bylaw ticket.  You will just have to move your car to another space with functional meter.

Another option would be for you to pay with your phone by calling the number provided on the meter, or if you have a smart phone, to download the app called “PayByPhone”.

When you see a suspicious individual who is attempting to do any damage to a parking meter or retrieve money, please stay a distance and call 911.  The call taker will take the report as this is a violation of city property.  If you didn’t see anyone damaging a city parking meter, but the meter is not functional, please call 311 so the city can send someone to fix the meter quickly.